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VOL. 21—NO. 77 Cater** aa second elate mail matter at Cumberland, Maryland, under the aet el March 3, HTS. CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND, MONDAY, JANUARY 12, 1959 Aeaonatrd Presa - AP Pholotas United Press laternational IO PAGES—SEVEN CENTS

3 6 Killed In Airliner Crash

Mikoyan's Plane Diverted Demonstrators Thwarted Fog Closes In, Bars Landing At Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES LAP)—An air­ liner bringing Anastas Mikoyan from San Francisco landed inland at nearby Burbank Sunday after fog kept it from a scheduled land­ ing at International Airport. The plane, originally scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles at 4:11 p m., PST. touched ground at 5:15 pm.

The Soviet first deputy premier flew to Los Angeles after a 22- hour San Francisco visit which began with an egg throwing dem­ onstration and ended with a gov­ ernors apology. California Gov. Edmund G. Brown apologized for Saturday’s demonstration by Iron Curtain country refugees, mostly Hun­ garians.

E g g s , Slingshot Seized

A crowd of several hundred had gathered in front of the Los An­ geles Airport administration build­ ing. High fences and a pvdice guard made it impossible for any of them to enter the landing area Detectives, threading through the crowd, picked up half a dozen would-be demonstrators. Police seized eggs, a slingshot, placards and a sack full of rub­ ber skull masks.

Officers questioned the men and then released them All of the men picked up identi­ fied themselves as former Hun­ garian Freedom Fighters. The crowd was orderly and ap- ^ p aien tly was made up mostly of the curious Mikoyan’s departure from San Francisco at 2 45 p m. PST was in quiet contrast with the fist- shaking. name-calling outburst of 200 anti-Comrnunists which mark*

Two Or Moro Die, Eight Injured In California Pileup

West-Russian German Parley Seen In Spring

Allied Counter-Terms Awaited

Plane Falls, Burns Near Rio Airport

Victims Include American Flying For German Line


RIO DE JANEIRO. Brazil (AP) -A Lufthansa Super Constella-

LONDON < AP (—London diplo- treaty, circulated with Moscow’s mats predicted Sunday the West notes Saturday, provided that the will meet the Soviet Union some treaty be signed by both East and Two butane truck-trailers, a bus lime this sPnn8 for talks on Ger- West Germany. Unification—if it tion arriving from Europe and and about 15 cars piled up in many—but will not limit negotia- ever came—would be by negotia- Africa crashed and burned on the heavy fog Sunday Two or more tons to Soviet terms. tion between the two Germany!, marshy edge of Guanabara Bay persons died in flames, and at Moscow's terms were laid down rather than through negotiations Sunday in sight of the landing least eight were hurt. Saturday in notes to 27 nations by outside powers, and would be *trip at Galeao International Air- A northbound butane truck-trail- which participated in the war in the form of a confederation P °rt, Twenty-nine passengers and er turning across U.S. 99 at a n against Nazi Germany. They Confederation would leave the seven crew members perished, intersection was struck by a Simi- called for a conference in Prague Reds in power over 17 million Three crew members escaped lar vehicle southbound, the Cab- or Warsaw within two months to East Germans and could be used alive hut with severe injuries, fornia Highway Patrol reported. M8n a Peace treaty that would to extend Communist influence in- They were the only survivors. The northbound trailer tipped leave Germany still divided. to West German affairs. The wingtip of the four-engined over, blocking southbound lanes In the background is the Soviet The West is determined not to plane struck the mud as the The southbound trailer crashed ,hleat to hand over occupation buy this. But at the same time. American pilot tried to line up for into it. powers in Berlin—along with con- it realizes German unification a landing The pilot, Capt. Wren Two cars plowed into the wreck* lr°l °* Western supply lines—to would automatically solve the Ber- McMains of Stamford. Conn., died age, one behind the other, burst-the Last German Communists if lin question. at the controls. The copilot. Karl ing into flames that destroyed the Wesl docs not agree to make Diplomatic opinion was that nei- Frank, was blown clear. Steward- them and burned some occupants Wesl Ber,in an unarmed free city ther Warsaw nor Prague would ess Hilda Dehler and a steward to death. by ^ a*v 27 be acceptable to the West as a staggered out badly injured. Oncoming cars in both direc- Diplomats in London said the conference site. Shortage of hotel. "We could see the passengers tions began smashing together as Western powers probably would office and housing space, as well at the windows banging for help drivers slowed to peer through^P^* afler consultations among as of communication lines, alone and screaming as they tried to get the fog at the flaming disaster themselves, with a proposal for a would rule out Warsaw as the site out,” fishermen at the scene re- "It was crash, crash, crash— Foreign ministers' c o n f e r e n c e of a big international conference ported, one crash after another," said aimed at breaking the deadlock on The West Berlin newspaper Der AghM A|ld Patrolman William Payne. German unification Kurier raised another objection. Seeing the butane trucks crash. As the West sees it. Germany The paper said the selection of The plane crashed in the rain he had sped along the highway in mu8t be united under a freely Prague or Warsaw would give the about two miles from the airport, both directions, tossing warning elected government before a Communists a chance to use their Rescuers had to go a roundabout flares from his car. peace treaty is signed talents in planting microphones so way. by muddy side roads, to The Russian draft of a proposed that Western delegations w ou ld reach the marshy spot By th* find it almost impossible to con- time they Rot there, nothing was

Court Ruling In Her Favor

Busy at work in a drug store at Atlanta. Ga., is Miss Iris Mac Welsh. 45, one of three Negro women whose efforts to enter Georgia College of Business Administration led to a federal court decision that prospective students can no! be barred on a basis of race alone. (AP Photofax I

Airline, Strike Over, Resumes Partial Service

Cornily CHfe w . ^ tyjXOn p|an Killed By Flames n . .. . , Public Appeals I CINCINNATI 'AP - A family of seven was killed early Sunday when an oil stove exploded and set fire to their frame - stucco home in nearby Lincoln Heights. Killed were Horace Bradshaw. For Program


E x c h a n g e Of Invitation*

WASHINGTON API- Eisenhower and Vice

Highway Blocked Four Hours

Capt. James Bryant, in charge i p - fer secretly. left but ashes and wreckage,

of the highway patrol in Kern I I V I n V O C l A T C strewn over a wide area. County, said two are known dead J , I I I V v j l U I J p B# The three survivors were given

hut there may he more. E V A f l f l A l i e t 1 emergency treatment at the scene,

The multiple smashups occurred I B i h a r i " j J V I I * ! then taken to a hospital in Rio. about 8 45 a rn. on the main north-| I 0 f P I V I J I H | l f | | | This was the German airline's

south artery, seven miles south 1 , v v v ^ 3 T C I 1 1 0 l i f t l l O S first fatal crash since began of Bakersfield, oil well and cotton- A * I A I _ postwar operations in April 1955. growing center in south central K i n A ( I I H ( H I IT I f i l l E rn e T h j x i i L I a South American service was

California U I U , t t U I I I U I I I U U U E y e I C O U D I e op. nod rn August 193. Travel in both directions was i Because of a shortage of trained blocked four hours. ly Th* Auooated 8r**» DALLAS, lex. 1 AP*—Evangel- German pilots. Lufthansa uses Patrolman ordered occupants HAVANA. Cuba 'AP*—Amen- ist Billy Graham told church- rn a ny American fliers on its long- out of stalled cars and towed the can investors are invited by a men Sunday that "there s some- distance runs, smashed trucks into an alfalfa revolutionary government official thing wrong with one of my eyes McMains. a 48-year-old native field in fear the butane cargo to bring their capital to Cuba but hut I don't know what if is 0f lebanon. Ind., was loaned to ! might explode Much of it spilled admonished not to leave their "The doctor gave me some long Lufthansa from Trans World Air- on the highway Butane is a liquid democratic ideals at home. technical name but I think he is jme}, in 1955 as a plane supervisor, petroleum product used for heating Rufo Lopez Fresquet, newly ap- about as confused as the Repub- He had been flying with TWA President and cooking and. with engine mod-pointed Treasury minister, told beans are these days." Graham f,jnce i<m, He was the father of President ifications. as a truck fuel. reporters "I am a proven sup-said in an address at the com- four children, aged 8 to 15, mclud-

waving up to the airplane. Before he left, Mikoyan was re Ce iv cd by Gov Brown The Soviet first deputy premier

night I got orders not to preach.” One of the victims was Gary ‘I do not want men who consid- be said. " I do not have cancer Levy of London. South American

. J ui. i c . j .. , NEW YORK (AP) American mva ' a u' rom Airlines resumed flight operations _______________ ___ _________ ___........^ 1TW1..„ on a curtailed basis Sunday after 35; h,s * Emma » and tncir Rlchard M Nixon have agreed on HiKh Coach Kmrd porter of the free enterprise sys- bined Texas Baptist World Mis- mi, a set 0f twjas settlement of a 22-day strike bv five children. James, 9; Michael. an all-out appeal to the public hiehwav natrol irienti'ied tem of Private investment. I wel- *>ons and State Evangelistic Con- Hie plane's passenger list indi- its pilots 8, Mary Margaret. 5; Horace Jr., over the heads of the top heavy > .. m , (. come United States and other for- ference. Earlier he canceled a tated none of lhe passengers was A cordon of polite and security The first American Airlines 3, gad Dev#. 2. Democratic Congress to push must . h , *..* ii.^u eign investors to Cuba I welcome scheduled sermon at the First American All gave addresses in officer kept onlookers at a dis- plan* to take off since the walkout . t » i of the administration program . . . ,, " * their canital and their know-how. Baptist Church. Furooe or South America tame Mind.v in fin ia l! J. , / , , I Firemen said the family appar- v, . , * School, Hayward, Northern Call- ine" . . ... . . . . europe or auuin america ame . uooav, any rfp- began Dec 19 left LaGuardia . , ,, . , , during the next two years . But I want them to come only I spent two days in doctors _ . . . .(mon white lh. adwK-air of in- Field for fort Worlh. Ten al enll>' w“ k:llrt alrn0*' \ s t)a,, „[ th,., drivp. it na- dis- .... Hm a par rarrvin„ if ih.y also hrms their democratic offices and about midnight lad Uogm.n < allnl Oui creased trade. »ai mg his hat. daun ately after the explosion touched doscd su„dav. Euenhower plans S ideals with them UP .0 the airolane - .............. - - EST. a xeric, of telesis,nivradio ap- I * " * ' r , ^ k Vrefrio Ho not .ant peals on such key issues as the prator truck stopped bv the bu er ***** democracy is good only for I ve had no heart attack; I haven t manager of Reuters News Agen cost of living, adequacy of space tane truc^5« crasj, anc5 was .struck United States and who, in Lat- bad a stroke and I’m not blind cy and commercial telegraph bu- and defense programs, and Simi- from behind by another auto, pa- in Airwfica. prefer the m r . IU-, Dr- Grndy Wilson, mnocinte rttll. lar controversies, trolmen said crative kind of business that is evangelist on the (,raham team. Also killed were Count and White House Press Secretary One high school basketball play-d°ne with dictators’’ said physicians at IndianaHis Jaraslav Kottulinsky of James C. Hagerty said last week er Charles Joseph. 15. Hayward, ^pez Fresquet. whose wife and Chicago had advised Graham Vienna, who were married in the that Eisenhower would seek pub- got out of Grancha's car burned Hden us American, is a golf-play- 0 camel many speaking engage* Austrian capital on Dec. 7, 1957 lie support for his program in ev- badly and wav <akcn to Kern member of Havana's Cuban- ments and take a complete rest in a ceremony attended by aristo- ery way possible Hagerty said County General Hospital in serious Amencan-Canad^n community. J ^ o n ann«umed f" m cr*t« from all over Europe. then it was possible that televi- condition He wa.s president of the govern P1{ me First Baptist church Lufthansa said there were SB sion might hr employed although Another Larry Apodaca, 14 H a y - ment s Agricultural and Industrial here. where Graham keeps his passengers and IO crew members no decision on this point had been ward was taken there in critical Development Bank before fallen membership, that the vision in aboard when the plane left Ham- dictator Fulgencio Batista took (he famed evangelist s left eye burg Saturday morning. It then

Field for Fort Worth Tex . at bac dawn. The line scheduled 35 Sunday off the fire at 2 55 a rn flights out of the New York Cliv area—25 from LaGuardia Field. # Wa t it 1 j j . 9 from Idlewild Airport, and 2 * 1.hfJ fl" , !jmgrl<'a<ld" ,0.l>«from ...... V I W o n Thin is one third the usual number of Sunday flights Full service on the airlines 77-

received by Brown since he be­ came governor la vt Monday. Brown, the first governor to meet with Mikoyan on his trade promotion tour, told Mikovan the city network wav scheduled to be

Former Film Actress Slain By Sex Sadist airport demonstration was not rr>," ied by Tue>da>. typically Californian" and that he American, first in the I mted regretted it States in number of passenger He extended an invitation to 0 °* ° estimated it* (owes ( ARMEL, Calif AP —Sheriffs M:koyan to come hack to Califon durm» the strike at more th«n 18 . , mace ------- winier Olympics million dollars Including revenue in the m "ak Mikoyan nvited Brown to and loss by suppliers and employes , . __ ,, as a uum runnel un mr ii**. *■ . V n Z The U of both th* strike cost an esti- ^ > ‘n« of a Republican presidential nom,na- NBW H e C i r t - L u n g luun i r gov . _ ... whose scrapbooks listed her as a _______________ ^_________* &


ma for the J9M1 __ visit the Soviet Union The gov- of both the strike ernor said he would like to do ma,ed 33 ^ ‘Ibons

Nixon, regarded by many now front runner for the 1%0

that. film actress of silent screen davs tion. was reported to have reject­ ed proposals of some boosters that Machine Hailed

Green’s Trial Opens Today

The airline began recalling its , _ 20.000 furloughed workers Friday The bloody, mutilated body of he step in and try to take over when it was announced the dispute *x,rs (’lara Mohr was found Sat-a revitalizing of the GOP after SAN DIEGO. Calif. ^AP» A . . . . u was settled in principle orday in her fashionable suburban jU sharp setback in the Novem- machine to serve as human heart ir<>sh no** e fl<><)rs 10 Mava Full details of the contract were borne On one wall was a picture ber elections. an(j lungs during surgery was de- not released, but company spokes- Walter Pidgeon signed To my Instead, Nixon and al) Eisen- scribed Sunday as an improve- men said it included these items df,ar ( laire St rapbooks showed bower Cabinet members have ment over previou-s devices used I. Pilots will get paid for a mini- clippings of Claire Del M ar"- agreed to slug it out down the for the purpose mum of five hours flying when a picture of her with Al Jolson line for the President’s balanced it was developed by volunteer ,, ,7 , .... ' , * (trah-im ti^d hrrn trvins in aet a tahiti, lh* final tnii they are on duty even if they are ‘J be Jazz Singer''; an account budget and for other proposals ex- groups of physicians and surgeons j*’’^ e pulque other’ means of lot of things done before leaving

over the government in a coup was "slightly and temporarily flew the route to Frankfurt, Paris- d'eiat in 1952 For the next seven impaired Dakar and across the Atlantic and years he was a sharp critic of the Wilson said the ailment first then was slated to go on to Buenos Batista regime and was arrested troubled Graham two days ago Aires and Santiago, several times for questioning while in Indianapolis. Newsmen The Brazilian navy broadcast a The C S - b a c k e d m u ltim illio n who m e t Graham when he ar-call for frogmen to report for duty dollar g a m b l i n g industry took rived by piano Saturday and a at the scene. television crew who interviewed Twenty person-, perished in a na s fabulous casinos might re- bim Saturday night did not notice plane crash in Rio just 12 days open soon. anything wrong with th** eye ago A twm-engine plane departing But the casino operators were Graham 40 has been working for Sao Paulo crashed into Guan- aware that if tb s happens oaly too hard. Wilson quoted physicians abara Bay. It took frogmen a foreigners will be permitted to as s a y i n g The associate said week to raise the plane and es*

not used that long of her dancing the tango with Bu- pected to get a rough going over and aircraft engineer? Dr. Douglas G. Davidson chosen trying for a fast dollar. LEW 1SBCRG. Pa «l’ph - Congressman William J. Green Jr 2 Jet crews will im ludo three d°JPh \alentino in "The Four m the Democratic Congress and six other defendant- co on pilot- and a flight engineer. This Horsemen trial here Monday on conspiracy i> om more pilot than the pi-mn She was clad only in a red bath .1 « . .. charges in the construction of the planes carry The extra pilot will robe Tier nightgown had been DOCK in V»apiTai S3 million dollar Army Signal get a minimum of bap a month, ripped off and tossed aside She Corps depot at Tobyhnnna Pa had been mutilated. , Ki*#*»h*iw#r murmur in th* recovery ... ..... ... . . Federal Judge Frederick \ The bloods knife was in the bed White Hon 1 Sunday from a lei t^ie ^act that our machine comes , tas 10s ( *’een Follmer will preside a' the long-Embassy Havens . ., inu-VKmu whits HOUX* Sunday from a lei- HunlicatinMhe action of ~ht a*' tounst attracti(mi> box- delaved trial at which the nrose nothing surely weekend at his ( amp Dav- f0 duPlKd;!r )n evei and that would satisfy the Clition x*ill contend the defendant. 11« « C u b . , \l> - I ie nee.- Shcritfs Capt Hat,-! -intth^aid id retreat in Maryland . Catoctin ^ operator. Most of the samblmg volume and the big money play a neavy me rresident, ai companied ny have come from U S and oilier the huge depot alme have taken refuge in Latin- instrument, then carried into the his wife. motored back to the inc macnine 0100(3 I om In addition to Green the de- American embassies fondants are John B Giiboy Jr

next Tuesday for Australia

son told The Associated Pres-,.

conspired to defraud the federal ldential palace “aid ^undav Th for- she apparently was hit on the head Mountains heart lung machine we have government in I he construction of m*r officials of the Batista re outside her home with a heavy The President, accompanied by I..,, r a ile d Im I sl it, insiriinipnt then e a rn e d into the his wife mntf ir d k to the the patient's veins into an artifi- here. bedroom capital.

. . . . .. , , , The new provisional government Now. instead of leaving tor the by the county medical society to ^ chieftajn j.- dej C a s t r o Australian tour. Graham will report on its first u-e in o^n-g^ fjrm Qn the||> declarations ^'beck into a Rochester. Minn , heart surgery, said I feel defini-.. . esmblini at tivitv was clinic Tuesday or Wednesday, W'tl- Prrsl mtely that rn this case the early na; . f n *anJ n‘ 12 a 1 ,* y * r resi- - ended for the Cuban rwople --------of ,he !>*'«•"' 15 duf "> The caxttio. might act the Today’s Chuckle

All it tak* - to make a suc­ cessful farmer is faith, hope and parity ‘(opytffhl (,rn*ial Feature* Corp I tourist'

an inspector and planner of the depot who now lives in Philadel­ phia former Congressman Her­ bert J. McGtinchey of Philadel­ phia and contractors Joseph Ro­ che/ of Pittsburgh, Frederick J . Raft of Hartford, Conn . Robert 4|w Brown of Merchantville N J . and John P Kemmtl, Philadel­ phia

Two Important Space Exploration Contracts Will Be Awarded Soon

WASHINGTON' \P Two con-bids to the National Aeronautics NASA. can hi1 used to launch in­ trans ot major importance to and Space Administration to de-to space payload;, weighing sec- . j . sign and build the space capsule, eral tons. space exploration air expecter o Qn ^ basts of specifications set NASA also has an interest in

cia! lung, in which its load of carbon dioxide is replaced by life- supporting oxygen, and pumps it back into the arteries—thus com­ bining functions of heart and lungs

Cubans To Be Barred From Executions


Saltonstall Storm Center Of New Senate GOP Row

Policeman Slain At End Of Chase

BALTIMORE \P)-A 28-year- old policeman, veteran of six years on the force, was shot and fatally wounded Sunday at the dose of an eight-mile chase of a stolen car in North Baltimore. Richard H Duvall Jr.. father of two children, died shortly after he wa; brought to I mon Memorial Hospital with a gun wound in the abdomen. Police indicated Duvall may have been .shot by another police­ man, Police and witnesses gave

On Inside Pages

be awarded soon—one this week. [orth by NASA at a meeting of 38 the D>na-Soar project. The name Rebel military authorities an a r0^ 0(<*[ chairmanship of

W ASHINGTON ' AP) Angry selves liberals or progressives colleagues mav move this week to As chairman of the Conference this account: ,r ^ n Cuhnnttaii iii of All COP Senators. Saltonstall 5 car resembling one reported x rip Sen Standstill <R- ^ ^ ^ was spotu,d by a cn)isul|t

s'.’ ". !‘.1S.f?PUln made up 111. mind about a sue-police car at North and Park Ave- cessor to Sen Andrew F. Schoep- nues near the center of the city. pel of Kansas as campaign chair

Bridge .............. 4 ComiCN ........ . . . . 7 Crossword .......... 7 C ryptoquote 7 Deaths Dr Van Dcllcn .. Editorial Page___ .... 5 Hollywood . . 4 Racing 9 Secrets of Charm . ... 4 Sports .............. 6 9 Television 7 Tri state News .. ... .3 Want A d s ............ 8 9

the other within a few months, missile - manufacturing and re- comes from the words dynamic nounced Sunday Cubans will be Republican Senatorial tam- be negotiated search organizations last Novem-soaring " barred from witnessing the exec:,- Pa,kn Committee. man ber Although fired by a rocket tions by firing squads of Batista Saltonstall who remained pub- gU| conservative) who The contract to first will be for the capsule in which a passenger ultimately will ride in the nation s first manned

The space agency already has booster, similar to a satellite or supporters. But they’ll be permit assigned a contract for develop- space vehicle, the Dyna-Soar’s ted to see the bodies afterward mg a IL-million pound - thrust flight xaicime , ms » nex.sna en rruj- he u-ed rn i ring p.lui net Mercury

Police cha-ed the car as far as the northern city limits and forced then south again As many as 18 holy neutral when conservatives election of Sen. Everett Dirk police cars joined the chase, and liberals clashed over leader- sen Illinois as floor leader over The chaise ended abruptly when will be controlled by he The decision was taken after a ('hip posts, was represented as r e - j 0hn Sherman Cooper of hen the pursued car cracked up on He is expected to travel crowd of 3.000 attended the execu- luctant to name Sen Barry Gold- juc^y the liberal candidate, were Green Spring avenue in the north- the man-carrying satelite mto from the outer edge of the atmos- tion Saturday of six Batista sup water R-Ariz as director of the reported ready to take matters in em part of the city. At least two lhe contract to he let later is spacc The cost of that phase of phcre at speeds of many thou- porters convicted of crimes by a campaign to elect GOP senators their own hands. suspects were captured. the Air Force s Projc< In na- program will exceed 200 mil- sands of miles per hour, down in- military tribunal The in I960 The 0id line group already has Their identities were no t Soar I his vehicle is intended as don dollars NASA estimates. to the dense air of earth. said the public's presence did not The Massachusetts senator was drafted a resolution to be brought revealed immediately. a globe-circling, man-carrying de- Kocketdyne division of North The Air Force looks upon Dyna- conform "with our culture *’ said to feel the choice of Goldwa- before the conference at a meet Witnesses said Duvall was one vice which will have the charac- American Aviation. Inc., is de- Soar as a project having high mil- Thus far about 50 Batista sup- ter. who has campaigned actively ing this week directing that the of two officers grappling with one trusties of both an orbiting sa ri signing the superpowerful engine nary value. Such a vehicle could porters have been e x e c u t e d against organized labor's partic- choice of the campaign chairman of the suspects. Suddenly shots lite and an airplane of hypersonic vvhieh will use a single chamber combine the high speed of a bal- as criminals throughout Cuba pating in politics, would be regard- be made on the recommendations rang out and Duvall slumped to *Peed for burning liquid fuel. An engine listic missile with the accuracy Nearly 3 ooh are awaiting trial be ed as an affront to the unions and of Republican senators who are the ground He was rushed to the , Twelve firms have subnutted of this design and thrust, says of a manned bomber. jore revolutionary tribunals. to party members who call them- running two years from now. hospital where he died.


Convicted Strangler's Mother Found Strangled

PR IN C E F R E D ER IC K Md. (AT v woman whose son has

bren sentenced to d r was found

strangled on hei bed earl J Sun-

dnv State Police reported.

Corp. Wallace R Caldwell said Mrs Eva Mar Brady about 44. mothn of John Keo Brady, ap­ parently had been strangled with a small rope Her both was found shortly after midnight at her home near Dunkirk in northern Calve i t County. John Leo Brady. 25, has been sentenced to be executed in the Maryland gas chamber the week O' Jan 2n Ur was sentenced Dec 12 for the strangling ol William Brooks. 53-year old semi-invalid. In Baltimore Dr Paul F Guerin assistant medical examiner who performed the autopsy on the woman gave a of bomi- Authorities the woman’s clothing wa' in a state of dis­ array Guerin sa d a check was being made to determine whether abe had been >e\uall\ attacked Corporal Caldwell said the wom­ an’.' husband John \ Brady, about 50. an employe of the D. C. Transit System Inc fit Washing- ton 'aid he Sound the body when be returned from work

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Caid well sa.d no one had been taken into custody State’s Atty David A Darkness said the woman was dressed in shirt and slacks and that the siaiks had been partially re­ moved. John Leo Brady', a 25 year-old I pper Marlboro truck driver was convicted by a jury last month of first degree murder n the June 27 strangling of Brooks, an Oden­ ton plastics plant worker. Brady insisted that Charles D Boblit. 24 of Odenton, who also was charged with first degree murder, actually killed Brooks. Blade said he intended no harm to Brooks a former friend, and that they merely warned his car tor use in a bank robbery. Boblit, who waived jury trial, was under observation at Spring Grove State Hospital Caldwell >aid he understood the dead woman had two other grown children, a son and a daughter

Iraq Balks At Red German Recognition

BAGHDAD Iraq SP Iraq re­ fuged Sunday to give diplomatic recognition to Communist Fast Germany, but agreed to examine the idea a1 some ndet.mte future date

This wa> disclosed in a joint announcement up the three-day meeting ol Fa't German Premier Otto Grotewohl and Pre mier Abdel Karim Ka vs em

The announcement stressed complete agreement on bolstering economic and cultural relations between the two countries Iraq also subscribed to the Soviet and Fast German view that reunifi­ cation of Germany is a matter for the two divided Germany* to de­ cide in direct negotiations.

But Iraqi officials sidestepped the touchy issue of diplomatic recognition The West German government in Bonn had warned such action would entail a diplo­ matic rupture with Bonn at a time when the West Germans are one ol Iraq s most important trading partners

Starer College Officially Closed


—The nine buildings of Storer College were officially closed Sat­

urday although students hadnt

been studying at the Negro col­

lege since 1954.

The college officially went out cd existence S a t u r d a y when the board of trustees committee voted to seek a merger with Alderson- Broaddus College at Philippi. Plans are to transfer some $100 OOO in e n d o w m e n t s to Alderson Broaddu' and let the real estate revert to ‘he government for possible use as part of the Harpers Ferry National Monu­ ment project.

150 Still Missing In Wake Of Deluge

BIV \DEL \GO. Spain \P - Skin dIvn > from Madr d joined in tie search Sunday for ISO persons still missing from this mountain village, destroyed Friday by the raging waters of a burst dam. Twenty-two boche* have been re­ covered of the missing are be­ lieved to have been dragged into 'anatir a Lake south of Rivadel ago. Mo** of the victim* were wo­ men and children

lee Still Slows All Bay Shipping

BALTIM O RE <APi-lce. up to 18 inches thick, continued to plague all shipping in the Upper Chesapeake Bay Sunday. It’s slowing up everything, re­ gardless of size the Coast Guard said. Two large vessels and a num­ ber of smaller ones were ice­ bound. one of the larger ships tor the second time in two days The C o ast Guard said the Ger­ man ship. Maria Loontiardt. was ice locked in the Turkey Point area. The tanker Marine Prog­

reso. got loose from the ices grasp Saturday in the upper bay- only to be stopped again ott Toh chester Beach. The Coast Guard said anything other than good sue ocean-going vessels are having trouble. The outlook was for somewhat warmer weather Monday but the Coast Guard said there would have to be a good bit of milder temperatures before the ice prob­ lem would melt away.

Airman Killed In West Va. Crash

M ARTINSBl RC*. W. Va AP) —A lieutenant in the West Vir­ ginia Air National Guard perished in the crash of his ie! plane a mile from the airport here Sat­ urday. He was 1st Lt. Paul F Ash, 26 attached to the 167th Fighter Tat tical Squadron Ash. who had radioed the air­ port tower he was having trou­ ble, tr od to reach the a.rstrip when the jet crashed in an open field The F86 hurst into flame* and although Ash was dragged from the wreckage alive he died in an ambulance. He was on a routine flight. Ash wa.* a 1953 graduate of West Virginia University.

Educator Dies

SALEM . W \ a. AP) - Dr S Orestes Bond, president emeritus of Salem College died early Sun­ day at his home atter a long ill­ ness. He wa* 81.

Carbonneau Convicted But Sentencing Delayed

LA PLATA, Md. (AP* Sen- The guilty verdict was returned of IO years imprisonment Th® fencing has been deTayed for Al- in Charles County Circuit Court slale sought a first-degre®

bort G Carbonneau. convicted of Saturday against Carbonneau 33-!"ul<,t l liberated o': hours manslaughter in the fatal shootmjg year-old television repairman and .Judge ,j Dudley Digge* pist­ ol Police Lt. Leonard N. Brown auto salesman. poned sentencing pending an in* last July 6._________________________ It carries a maximum sentence vestigation. _________

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