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fA rioan axn Lirenvny Waeexty Jovan iepub : Wished avery Wodnoaday, by & MILKS, Vitoria | Buildie :

Vita: —To Mall Subsertbers, Losin adver | (Fhot paid until the end of the year, 120 0d = Whoa dolivored by Carrier, 26 Ot extra will be | eharged, | a y,

—Six lines and under,


nb of Commitment; Warrant of Wha i letions, ete, ete. LAW Y Ici vias 3 be and C. C, Summonses, with and withovs [ peeial Endorsumany; Notices of Trial, to Examine, to Prodnes, to Adult, ete. ; Affidavits of Disbursement; QeB. + moter ttl: B. Subornass Orday of Roferenne in Claucery; Afiidavita: BAILIFYS' & DIVISLON COUNT BLAIR of all hind. i DEEDS, MONTOAG ES & Maxontans, all Rinds Ge ir Vrotests & Notioos; Promissory Notes, above are printed ni Genel at Tkonte Proce Palate 8 Alvo, Fine Enumelled Avuntes Canny, for Le- 4

Rates or Anyxnriixe: 2a Al for the feat ant Thal for cach aubacquont | insertion, Brom aix to (eb il for the Brat, ani tod for each aubsequent insertion e Ten'tinos anit opwards Ail per line for the fir

aud 1 per ling for each anbsequontingertion,

, §, M, PETISNGILL & co's 0 . INQ AGENCY, Fe Me irks NO 10, State-Ste Doalon. H AM PRETENGLLE & Oo. are Agents for the um and the moat influential 1 i ny iM the Uni



CANADA, = NO. di.




dies and Ge

her but without dutios, sho lacked an important acquisition, So wo nsk’of tho richly uttired ond necom: plished young woman, who can read French Uhumb the piano, and move bewitchingly in fashionable company, can she do house.


Wo have noticed that some young Indios are vever found ongaged in domestic labor, Onll at their homes at-any time of day, and you do not find thom performing house- work, ‘They are frequently found.e broid-

Port's Corner.

nu AND Avsiniay Inviunxem

Ira Vho following front the Floren:

correspondence of the Providence Journal

throws soine light on a question which be ns to be agitated ;—

Lray nal, spond

© ee Sieoetaany Phonix Fire Insurance Co B ISUICSS Divector 4. | henix Fire mast CONN. A @. W. JONES aud ED, BOGART, Cash Capital, all pald up, $200,000,


¥—The Huron Sig Wot ; ining distross and of Pompoe sine die, 6 desire prevalent in some places to leaval, / He Bank of France lost 25,000,000 francs HO NDISOY for other parts, ai os Many)" specle during tho apnea aes fs

lave gone and ara going now, and apenke!y, Tho Foueea lay been notive and Migher, ing from personal knowledge, we hesitate atc” Ined § ou to 15th, closing at 61-16,

tion on the corn laws is

Consider the Lilies, how thoy Grow, Drs, io

Tho lilios fale are found | On the shadowy ground,

sonderaigned having boon duly appoint- TEVLE undersigned having beon duly appoin! Tho sliady hnants of sunny lime,

“Tf forcign domibation is atill to be mai od and regularly constituted Agents hero ia pation is still to be main.

| = iy And broathe the balm of aummer times cring, making a lave collar, praatising. on | yoy, , . tained in aly, we have no doubt the Itali ssert hat t The projected misdon of Pri BE. STEVENSON, M.D., | for the above Company, aro nov prepared tO! pee rea ena dea mud. voilod trom. {} By er aaa te Prony OM} work? If sho cunnot, sho is not w model | would profur subjection to French rathe: Hana }not to assert that fully one-half of our fire| gratz, Psi lye 1 of Prince Windisels- 8 and their contents, ry, a 3 ' the pinno, or doing nothing. © infer lady, "ANia tilat Heats ee Ather thant ining acquaintances, as well as mechani sratz, as beon abandoned, noontlde glow, vasters, as there would be more hope, p is Mechanics! Tho German Dict adopted the proposition

that they scldom or never attend to do- mestic lubors, or else tat they suddenly ‘quit the kitchen when the deor bell rings, leat they should be cauglit with a broom or a rollingspin in their hands... It is well {known that many young Indies detain

OMEOPATHIE Physician, Surgeon, and accept Risks on Burile

H Accovehetn Belleville, Cc. Wo at the usual rates: for first class Companies.

i Orrik—Over Blacklock’s Grocery Store, They aro also authorized under tho namo and Front St. Office hours, from 84 to 10 A.M, seal of the Company, te issue Policies and to

} From 1fto 8, and from 8.to 9, P.M. J accept xocvice of all fawiul processes that inay (o> Partionlar attention to diseases of wo-| bo made for claims against thom. men and children, This Company is conducted on the same

and.tradesmen, are lietd in “the country mercly by their unsalenble property.” And possibly, it is quite as well that they re held ; for thongh serious difliculties have beon experienced, they have not beon of a more urgent kind than those which have

at lonst, of some advantage to come through future French revolutions. ‘Lhe people are so much like the French, also, in vaco and lan- guage. Not one Italian thousand loarns Gorman, while every one, with any pretensions to education, is acquainted with French. ‘They

‘Thy taste the woftest light and air, and thi is

© Thora ig a spot of carth supromoly bloat, how they grow:

A denvor, aWeotor spot than all the rest;

Tore woman reigna; the mother daughter, wifo, Strowo with fresh flowers tha narrow way of lire, Around her knees domestic dutign And fireside pleanives gambol at her

to-put the Federal garrison on ® war footing Tho Vrossinn Chambers both atanimous- ly Authorized the yarloan asked by tho Government, Advices from Turkey report increasing animation in the Provinces.

Updrawn from verdant sod By look from God, Thore holy, happy flowers pervade

pave eee i BY aire, go Yong and! favor The sleeping lawn, tho forest glade : The True W call thé Franc 5 h 5 principle as tho * <Titna,” so Tongs And charmed by xophyr’s wing, aud lulled. by visit f i ar sfore nr’ he True Woman, {eal the French the sistor language, which, like] beew felt | J : The t A. JAMES, ably knovn in Canada, And ¢ berate by, ike ‘8 Bi «1 by visitors n half-hour in the: parlor, before heels = a the Spanish, it in; but every sound of the ate been felt in the Western States, while the} The following is Napoloon's order of th

tive to the samo they emerge from their chamber, arrayed

man is repuleive to their ears. day 7—

AGUERRIAN, Ambretypist, and Photos} All furth or information ro ae 9 Bi doa aS au fo) KE 1 7 nN mth, prospects of coming abunda Ove

Sqmplions a tasmne aver Vate¥ Store, Front] may. ba bad. on application 10, ots Pag GAlnh ye THUAN SUSE brightly dream, and jig Paris dolls, No person: out of their POLES a PARDEE anelbusterhGohfoilfrtor-Ittasoe, iad vaert brighter Ai goodratoh aa wisatat eal Sonprens—L come to placo my

Street, Belleville, All likenesses taken by the CURRY & MCANDLISH, families ever saw them innkitchen gatb.|.4 Slave Kills his Master—The Slave) ‘sts their habits of thinking, and thoir aspi-|'@ $1.75, and we shall hear very littls about | Your lend, to conduct bn ie ones J iy Dab. °

Thy bloom fn sheltered nook, By curling brook ;

And Karth how firmly, fondly loves Those troasures of hor streams and groves ; The dark mold cherishes their petals white like ! Anow, With heaven apportioned nutriment, and that |

is how thoy grow. |

discontent, deavor to be:

ration are inspired by the same country while everything Austrian they bate. German influence in Italy for two or threo hundred years has not suegecded in changing, in the slightest degree, the language or the feclings of the Masi What stronger proof could} there be that Avatrian rule in Mealy is im-

mis cheap. 36 M

Tho principal reason is, they think it is not

Buyned to Death, Says Mr. Arthurs bie seipialir ett

Tho Galveston ews of the 10th May, coatains tho following correspondence ;—

Grab Cann, May 2.—A dreadful mar der was committed lust Sunday week, by a negro on lis master. Mr. James Ropor

Latest and most perfeot plans,


\ HOLESALE & Retail Dealer in Groceries and Provisions, Shingles and Cordwood,

Lata Potash [napection OMe, one door fGrant's Hotel, Front-at, Belleville, o. w.

blo Building, opposite Upper Bridge. Fob. 1, 1859


At all events, we should en- \ “ir Up Against the difficulties. Ana not to give way to ondue repining.”

Are about tosocond the ster, peo- to second the gg les of m

ple now vindicating heir independence, and

i rescue thom from foreign oppression,

~ N18 18 4 sacred cause Which has :

_ bee” Mr, Speaker Smith has gone to} pathies of the whole civilized aa Pk

England to present tho Address of Parlia- {need not stimulate your ardor, e ve

Bolle lndy-like. A friend of ours, romarkablo for Jis strong good senso, married a very ac complistied and fishionable young Indy, ate tracted more by her beauty and accomplish

} r ; . ' tat fi } P natural, and Onto ° "=! ment.to the Queen, requestin is} wil remind? ¢ very atop GEO. W. JONES, M. D. vl Inontethanbyinbything els! Th thiedtlnaedéd: hero’ with his Wegroon his way {4 , and must cone to an ond?” May it! “a 1, requesting A visit from | will remind you of w victory. 7

\ TORNTIATE of the College of Physicinns | apjtal,......+-- £500,000 Sterling, vie Manemonee must be ere the his strong gooul sense Fens to Poach Trea Village. “they anne Phoveey ib a ‘ind de ett the win ie Sau Majenty at the opening of} Secra of Aucient Nome, Heal Se

Lyin htdetareatas in In Si Mink One Pe gat with Five The blossoma ponding aleily did not scom very apparent. THis ‘wife,}od out a mile aud a half above Smithfield ; oe ee a ne itor ‘Bridga: he snddrosas will } were onigraved apontlie marbloy reminding

CH Residence & Oltico nt: Wi, Martin 4 Hotel. | Jn Shares of ee rth is A aaa __Bonoath thei leafy ennopy, however, proved to be a very excellent] the stago driver in the evening saw THe oo Prornenic a Gacibie 7 SaaS Sa a the effect of showing the loyalty and}the people of their exalted deeda + it isthe

ai ma PomMunoy, Shillings on ae at MPs ed Thoir witehing fragenuce, spotloss hue, and thus ‘companion, and was deeply attached to|sitting togotlcr; half an HadeeAlvacteiteal| waite tie ote aie ol y aibnastin sate) Boe vil of Canadians towards their in-| fame to-day; in passing Mondovi, Marengo,

J of 80 hareholders, 1 feel and know, him, though sho stil ovat ig ie salons, A friend estimable Sovereign ; but there is in our| Lodi, yon will, in the midst of thes glorious

company, and] the nogro dastied out his master’s brains

was speaking to Lim about an article on spent more time abroad than he exactly ap-) with an axe while he was asleep, and then o


That God imparts their loveliness, and thig is

opinion very vouri ecollecti rrr. Ged oeaniash pinion very little prospect of securing the} recollections be marching in another Via

County of Hastings,


Tuxannronp. 25


Chairman, —The Right Ion. Lord Kean,

—Dublin University M


proved. But, us his income was good, and} burned his body; ho then proceaded to- his house furaished with a good supply of} ward home and stated to some of the citi-

his genius. % You are forever speaking about my poctic genins,” said the author of tho. Meditations ;” “J aspire to be consi-

thing asked, a visit from the Queen to her Seora, Preserve that trict d'scipline whieh British possessions. Was Europe tranquil,|i8 the honor of the army. Here forget it stich a visit would be almost too fortunate to] not. 4

Colonel James Adair, Tho Rev. W. Bear, Potér Cartinirs, Ee

domestics, he was not aware of any abridge-|zens that ho did not know what had be-

i dered also a politician, ‘Thus you y ment of comfort on this account, and ho|comes of lis master. Suspicious were ex- ; i

be expected : butwith war raging, thoi ay i tic u : , idea here are otl er speak of my political sngacity, For. in- ena annina ulema

Batraordinar, + ri e Apes could not for a moment be entertained,—| Who: fight against us in battle; remain

BeARystes, Attorney at Lay, Solicitor, ta" OFFIGE=In the Vics

and Master FE in Chancery,

Select Reading.

Notary Public, &e, tT =~ _— |therefore made no objection to it. clted ‘and ‘he was taken to the s here | st Tyredi a Fi | a

. wh tn ry ie Hon. B. Boothby, , n sf as taken to the spot Where] stance, T predicted a revolution long before) Whether the advantages io. will 1c ce aant toria Buildings Belleville. 20 Taha datos Unwin Olneke, Baq., NONE STAND ALONE. One day, some few months aftor his} they camped ; the ashes of the firo|it came about, from the general Hobie, t compensate for the nates na gpl tread foi svbandon Not your ranks to DR. COLEMAN, 1L B, Sheriden Esq. MPP, marriage, our friend, on coming home to] were examined ard pieces of bones, but-| for Louis Philippe. I predicted the 2d Pe I ‘ip, i Pee SNE i Ret forward; beware of too great en- * L Henty Clarké, Enq. M.D. Itty in th idenéo’of God tl li Pay ee np 8, ppe- I predicted the 2d of pleasure trip, isn question. The expedition | thusiasm, which is the only thing I : HYSICTAN, SURGEON, nid Onsretarcos Henry Clarke, & oy tis in the providence of God that none} dinner, saw no appearance of his’ usual]tons, and rags found. ‘fhe negro said the| December. To-day I venture on another |of the four ministe ib | i he only thing L fear; OFFIOR—At his Deng Store, where he may Nicholas Denuys, Bed s xtand alone. We touch cach other; man} meal, but found his wife in great trouble in-| Indians had killed him, bit te’ avilloded'of| proplisey, and-you willl naa th-1 tn Dns ae ae andl Iist/y ent, ose, arms ile precision, are dangerous on- 1 be consulved front § o'clock, A.M, until 8 William S. Potter, Eeqy actson man; heart on heart; we aro bound } stead J B ai y d_you will see it Lam a false|cost the country about $5,093, being an|ly ata distance; they will not prevent the

rs rACIC, 7”

h the stage driver was against hiin, and he * What is thormatter?” he asked, owned tho whicle. On Saturday the 30th “Nancy went off at ton o'clock this] April, the negro was burned alive on the morning,” replied tie wile, “and the)/spot whero he had killed his muster, Ho chambermaid knows no more about cook-| acknowledged lie had a good master. Lis

» The empire will full within the|avernge for ench of $1,273. We need bayonet from wha i

next fifteen months.” ‘The ancients called panes that the Speaker's oxpenses will fall terrible weapon of the Brendh infenty “3

their bards vates, which means propbet as} much below this mark; and we question] SoLomns—Let us all do our dutyyand

well as, poet, very much whether Lis mission will benefit} Put our confidence in God, Oureountry ex- the country to that extent, The passage| pects muclifrom you. From one end of

nry Rough, eq, MAY up with each other; hand is joined in hand ; x allen eer ni tnaten wheel sets wheel in motion; we are spiritu- Lares A Miter Bing “tally linked together, arm within arin; we can-

se not live alone, nor die alone; Awe cannot say,

—Meeara, Ransom & Companys carey o Villian, esq. Twill only run ‘risks with my own soul; I

o'clock, PLM.

RESIDE Near Mr. Muruey’s Hill. and

short distance from the Lower Bridyo, West F a

yy 24 BANK


Avytu—Mr, Wiittam Lyox Macknn:

x so3 3020 , ; F ; F . yan Aye DR. WALTON SOLLOITORS— Messrs. Miller & Howe, am prepared to disoboy the Lord in such a | ng a: dinner than the man in the moon.” | back was examined and uo indication ap- f the addre: 5 i od i rance . = AY resamed the praetice of his Profession, / SECRETARY William Canwell, E: pssst un nisin, but Te nt want to ; * Couldn't she have done it under your Renal of lis ever having been Waippanes z1u.—This celebrated Canadian Radical by all manent ae eFb ei ees F etnatieeens bonsai will brid r ket q fend: implicate others; I only want to be sver= | directi enqui yor’ Rta og Mi a PUREY ? i ew 7 wil i ent cakes ey Saal CANADA BR ANOIL ane for myself.” Thigvovonot be. Tels ball Uae Y enquired the husband, very) Mr. Roper was a new comer, and the negro |(says the Dundee Advertiser,) has sont a|of devotion to our Gracious Sovereign, the worthy of her elder sister, y se he a on t é vi , Ying soul has its influence on others in some el Waa oh direct) x Gupnldeadt ET ie ty a fue Hoetha i eames of | letter ey Benilpmana in town, in which he unanmityithat prevailedwasas commendable Signed, Naro.rox. ral as + 3 Sth gi jjer—ers pale sig 4 : ASTORPY CongciICUAlY - de ution. ess! r. Roper's fatnily wished to return to|says: “Tam sixty-four years old, but beal- it was: deserved ; but since ith Given at G May 5 e HEAD OFFICE—Masonic¢ Watt, Tonoyto. | VY and to somo extent, consciously or tn - Lah iek eit r yea , ben leserved ; bnt since it, has, been ven at Genoa, May 12th, 1899. DR. See WALES ON, I 8 , consciously ; ench his some power, more or pial to see a dinner ‘cooked under my) Alabama, but Mr, Roper was ero to it, |thy and active asever. I intended to come innounced. that the Virst Commoner of} Official bulletins have been pnblished b: HYSICIAN, SURGEON, &€ ACCOUCHER, TRUSTEES: less, direct or indirect; one mind colors ano- [oh sara 4 but promised thenegro to purchase his wife | to Alyth last year, and resigned my seat as | Canada has been deputed to lay the address | the Sardinian Government, of the followi ZA 1 STIRLING, way Tionorable John Ross, ther; a child acts on children; servants on) W hy 50 v asked tle husband:in sur-!next vear, if money could buy her, as he|a member of the Legislature ; but work 1} at the foot of the throne, it ha: been a ques: iit tote nt ASA alata “ESF Residence in Mr. Kelrols Brick Builing, John-Crawford, Esq. their fellow-servants ; masters on those they | pri *Youreertainly do not mean that} ad to return and collect some money, but |had to do hindered me from coming. _ You|tion in our, mind whether under the sem-) rea Tintaél in Charlotte St, near the Wesleyan Church. aes employ; parents on their children; friends | you cannot co-k a dinner.” * iB ; ue sem. ‘uriy, May 11th.—Some Austrian seigo Ailsice to Ute poor gratis 20 x "7 on friends. Even when we do. not design to you r ae nN o {this the negro thought was too"long to wait, |ean yourself dream of the pleasure I haye| blance. of Joyal devotion, the scheme was] trains are cut off. Infantry and a detach- uy Asi Met y BOARD OF DIRECTORS 4 saHabate ethers netiad wa are noe CARING ta cettuinly do, then,” replied bis wife.Jand he thought that if his master was pat|in contemplating such a journey. Lintend not concocted for Mr. Smith's especial be-} ment of Chiasseurs have re-crossed at Gra- CURRY & M’CANDLISH, TO SNL REN ANE + ar pap, [itv the least degree, of the effect of what wool men should Tknow anything aboutvcook |out of the way the rest of the family would |once more to visit the old world and make nefit—Hvening Courier. vellona, and directed their course towards . V HOLFSALE GROCERS st. PRODUCE Winiew Resa Eq, + Howlnnds Se’) doy when weare unconscious that we have ma feat PTO 4 go back to Alabama at once. s one more comparison between it and the SRST toa ep Cassal and Vasterleage, In Lombardy a Muncusxts. Higgins’ Marble Buildings | yiyiam Henderson, Feq-, influence at all; when we donot wish our ie husband was silent, but his look of] "YYe did not believe they were going to|new before I die. ‘Times. are dull here ;| a There iano new feature in the Wool |1uany of the enemy's troops are concentrat-

opposite the Upper Bridge, Belleville,.C. W. ‘te U0. of York and conduct or way of life to affect -any but onr- | *stonisliment perplexed. And wortied his} burn hin even after the fire was kindled

FW. Suvels, Ee money is dear; trade is depressed. ‘he | market. We extract from the Wool Cir-}ing between Mortara, Palestro and Kobbio.

SORTS EDIT . Pools selves, —our manner of life, ou conversation, | Wife. : fe made an speech t 7 «| Gov. t 1 : at 7 NOB COMPANY of LIVE nse OMe MK Ie, DCN aa ae . F 6 made a speech to'some negroes asem-| Government is extravagaut aud improvi-|cular of Coates & Brown of to-day the fol-| The hea? quarters of the A ROYAL LNSURANDE, COMPANY of LIVERPOOL, Sa. ep Is, ay Sra rae hile Nasibye x ight © You! look very mh surprised,” she} bled on the occasion, warning them against||dent; but the country is young.” Although |lowing: * Various causes have re opera-| are at Nese Ecomiat te Great Western Insorance & Trust Company of my i) N KE SS fang: On viiegete ay a Vode wentad said after a Moment or two liad elapsed. |(he crime. Ie did not struggle any until | the number alive are few who knew Mr.| ting caloulated: eventually to depress’ the} ‘Tuni, May 13th.—The enemy are in- acckn¥ LOU aS aE seins THE BANK OF MONTREAL. |e the mark. y ¥ ene so Tam, sits iewerety Y: . Much | ho was involved with the Bames, In his| Mackenzie when living here, where lie was|market for fine Wool. ‘The prominent) creasing their forces near Castale St. Giorra, ae eet eto a EASES pols 3G fs surprised as T should ba ut finding the cap-| boot was found $95 which he liad taken | born, we are sure he will receive that k nd | cause of depression-will be seen in the dis- hi if 7 d SOLIC Si: } , i at kod je P' en jn the dis-|on the road from Piacenza to Straddela T. A. LAZIER, OUIOEOR BACKBITING. ai

titi of one of ny ships unacquainted with navigation. Don’t know how to cook, and the inistress of a family! Jano, if there is a cooling school anywhere in the city, go

ly welcome his public services and charac- ter demand.—Scotch Paper.

from his master. turbance of the commercial and manufac;| They have constructed bridges near Viger- turing interests in the great markets of Eu-) ano and Motto Vizarconte. To protect eir rope by the impending war. The demand} retreat of to-day, our soldiers have pushed

for fine Australian, Cape, and South Ame-] forward a strong reconnoitering party, as far

Messrs, Ross, Crawford & Crombie.

Barrister and Attorney at Law. Office, Bridge St, next door to Empire Mote’,

Never say of one who is absent what you

The engagements of the State Fire Insurance f Sas would be afraid or ashamed to say if he were

Conipiriyrare guarauteed bya responsible Pros

The North Maas Tragedy. ue 7 THE DIFFERENCE,

BELLEFILLE, C, W. TuREY: present. “Ile of whom you delight t k i Wpletey our i for it is Phe i igation i ir = . . «di 5 StS a BEAU eased will be settled promptly without veil,” says a rite rmoraline ‘may Thean af it eae oe cn ae as ene te 5 erat aN Akay aa In Michigan, the United States ©. reat Wools frome: rar taeturers yall bee bes Gassinedisers,:near Vercelli; and/our ar- SAC Roe ea tly Ronis AarchvanisGaGas eam aROGENG one ficient ina very important particular, i BLS: MOD IgAN) nited States Court}some extent, cnt off, and as the United|Ttillery began cannonading the enemy, which . ry We need not speik of the result, except | Butler of North Adams has been progress- sentenced a man to a fine of oxe dollar, and) States will offer the most relinble market, | however was not replied to by them.

The business of the Zines having been pmr- | will have to reproach yourself with the mean- chased, Policy holders are now guaranteed by | ness of attacking one who had no opportunity

to say that it was goo’. But we ask the ing for a week past, and has been very tho-|one month’s imprisonment, for a cowardly | it-is probable that large shipments will be} troops, however, have retaken their former

WEISEL ae i to defend himself, Never listen to those who {reader if this young wife was more of a rough and searching. ‘The developments | murder, committed Ly a Government offi-| made to this country, But manufueturers} position. 4 ALEXANDER STEWART, deal in scandal; he who slanders one to you, ,!ady fer not knowing how to cook a din-}are of the most remarkable character, and |cial, while attempting to.discharge an ille-| have failed to realize the advance on goods TURKEY .

Advices from Constantinople to the Sth, report increasing agitation in the ‘Turkish Provinces. An increased nnmber of troops ‘Nad been placed on wateh. .

if anything could deepen the gloom which surrounds this sad affair, it is the knowledge of the fact that the reputation of the unfor- tanate and erring girl was needlessly com-

gal act. 3 5 which the high price of Wool and the re-

Tn Ohio, the United States Court fines 1} vival of trade led them to expect, and they man six hundred dollars with costs.|.1re reluctant ‘to pay present nuling rates, amounting to fifteen hundred more, aud sia} \nd_ will continue to purchase sparingly,

ner? Would it not have been far more commendable in her to have been able to cook at suehéa time of necessity? If it is & woman's mission to be mistress of the

rere st ae will slander you to another.” Tale-hearers ROBERT. NEWRERG, orth America. | make tale-bearers; and hence Dr. Sonth said,

sal Aga County of Tastinges “the tale-bearors and tale-hearers should be Belleville, Doo, 2ist, 1858 20 hanged together, the one by the ear, the other


DY BS &c} DERI) fl The Liverpool and Lond


E. CHANDLER, 19 Agent, Belleville.


§Staatisyen 1820

EQUITABLE LR —— cing a great. deeds FIRE. |NNSURANCH COMPA Y, {sists in boing greatin JOHN LEWIS; APITAD, £500,000 sterling. ‘Mie under R


the above Compa 1 (oxcepting the Village of Trebton,) is now pre: | vy pared to take risks in the same.





co . URGEON DENTIST, t2-OFFICE, Oven NE Mu. Vatn's Stone. | JOUN P, ROBLIN, President. . 1853. 48) Joun Moxney, | Wuron’waxren, SE ANSALOM GREELY, Witson BRENTLY, F. W. ALPORT, Aapon D. DouGart,! N. B. Conver,

OMMISSION MERCHANT, and General Agent, Orvick—Over Mr. Lewis’ Mord: Ware Store, Front St, Belleville. 88

DAntey MeMuiren, General Avent

JONATHAN SISSON, Barrister and Attorney at Law, SOLICITOR AND NOTARY PUBLIC OFKICE—In Ham's Buildings, over Glas 36

WILSON’S SALOON. AKERY, CONFECTIONERY Street, (Inte Cadwell’s,) where wll kinds of Confectionery, Soda’ Biscuit, Fruit, Crackers | o tte. are furnished’ to order on the shortest no-

«| ties.

DR. CHARLES R. POTTS, | Piicon which will enable them to sell at whole: |),

sale, and mnko a fair profit. idee of all SHANNONVILLE, Tyendinagi. | kinds taken in exch ; JOHN WILSON,

ignelhnving been appointed Agent for | afte; y forthe County of Instings; | dro


31 PHIL(P £ ROBLIN, Agent for Hastings | in,

Porchasera by the qnartity! furnished at} oo

by the tongue.”


Dr. Johnson wisely mid) He who

a Breat deal of good at once, he will never do lage a large mercantile establishment, if he any thing.

Life is made up of all but once in an age that occasio

in being greatin little things. vis built? Bs one shovel nother, one shovel-full at a ti


s make the ocean. ling to do a little good at a time,

wait to doa great deal of good at once. If we would do much good in the world, we must |i )\j5 inexcusable ignorance. be nel te do Good in little things,—little | "

acts, one after another,—speaking 4 FARMER’S MUTUAL INSUR ANGE d'n word there, and setting a good example all the time,—N, Y, Independent.


1. It is mean,

2. Itis vulgar, Altogether too

&e,, FRONT | decent man.

3. Itis cowardly. Implying a f not being belioved or obeyed,

4. It is ungentlemanly, A gen rding to Webster, is a genteel red, refined.

RESIDENCE & OFFICE—Direotly opposite} _Bellevi 5. 14 | # clod hoppers use 86 er Se —|. 5, It is indecent. Offensive t N.McARTUUR, HATS THAT ARE and extremely unfit for human ea

MANUFACTURER OF SADDLES, HARNESS, Trunks, Whips, Bridtes, Sc Se, Front St. Belleville, oppoxite Nathan Jones's

Dry Goods Store. 26

CHARLES BRICK, \ ATCHMAKER and Jeweller, two doors above M. Nulty’s Auetion Room, Front Street, Belleville. 4

BrvraTrs 209). TRADE FASHION FOR 1859,|'!

as adopted by the Board of Trade.



Barrister and Atioruirs-at-Law, &¢.K¢.X¢. | of my own manufacture, for $4.50 cach. Office, Bridge Street. two dooun Weat of the Tele-\ (9 Constantly on hand, and manufieturing, graph. Office, | all kinds of Silk, Fur, Brush, and Wool Hats, 4 and Cloth Caps. fc HENRY PEARSON, v

© P. Sinrsox, W.W. Drax L.H HENDERSON, TTORNEY AT LAW, SOLICITOR IN Chancery, Conveyancer ant Notary Pub: ie,—Office, Victoria Buildings, Be Mle. (45) M. NULTY,


Solieiturin Chancery wud Bankenpte, ¥ yaucer de.—(,) Wlacklock’s ( ; M

. Telleville.


\ ITOLESALE GROCERS & COMMISSION Morehanta, Hasting vintordial Build

inga, No, 1, Balleville. (14)

at Shop wear the Upper Bridge. Belleville, March 29, 1869.

EMIGRATION. SERVANT’S REGISTRY, | AND GENERAL AGENCY OFFICE, Near Patterson's Foundr orth Belleville. | (

LI, parties desirous of bi furnished with Masters or Servants trom snid office, will


Cone |

and Timer o'clock P.M.

Lands and Houses rented or sold no mode- rate Lorms. Office hours from 11 4, a, to 3 r. My G. McADIF. 1

1 \

Telleville, December, 1857

TRI-WEEKLY STAGE ——— Te aoe TO BRIDGEWATSR, (late Troy.) Sed me R SALE, NKOM Fifieen

inoants Hotel for BRIDG hingo’ TURSDAY Stones, from 34 to 4 inches thick, so, a quantity of xawed Lumber, consis:

TRIDGRWATHIE at & ou ting of Timber 646, aud Joists from 16 to ‘DAYS, WEDNESDAYS, and F 18 Ieet long, Hanning thrue eneh way, 6) Voure, Alsoanumberol Dining and Side Tables, | 1) : Stands, of various fashions, and Boreaus.


| Also waplondid new one-horse Chiter. fp All ol the best wakmuanship. | CT, GOULD:

please attend there between the hours of TWO} },;

remomberable, light of pow

» (werity Cords of Coursing | quent, a mild ey

f sense.”—[ Pope.

no Oath, to the tongue which ut

to the person at whom itis aimed,

or 8, Itis ve s; showing a man’s hear! SPRING AND SUMMER STYLE,|00 to a nest ot vipers, and ever Mtiane hg | mother.”

sieare, one of them sticks out his head.

9, It is contemptible; forfeiting f tho wise and good. i 10. It is wicked; violating the nd provoking the displeasure of

a will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in Vain,

ollowing, gave utterance in fow

a8 ever moved a heart or

A nation’s b

tet ready to be nfraid of the man

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When he rine

E@™ A bonutiful eye makes

his little momber gives life to part about ux; and ! believe the gus implies no moro than. that, t every part; that is to say, every bemutilated were not its foreo more by the eye than even by it som

rofuse to aceopt a favor from th person to whom you have had of rendering one:

AAV HS, Nolfevilt overy work Belleville, August 30, 1858, 2 oe Manrriving ii Mu “s Hote y t

fe TY e eee atta WM. RENNY,

MOINS NOW sy Gecicen sta ype AUCTIONEER Di debs \ ii

NYquinlry Confaltowra MOM pheote! COMMISSION AGENT | A 149 eile at thie Ollice : Vront-Bt, Bolloville,

is cemullion and your own ability; the object is doubtful, rather re than let a bee perish

‘True greatness con

Hence we should be (of a family, without knowing how the

We can conceive ‘of no reason why he S. Mennier, Secretary. | should, but of ten reasons why he should not. A mah of high moral stand- would almost as soon steal a sheep, as swear,

Such a one will no more swear than go into the street and throw mud with

6. Itis foolish, “Want of decency is want the parade of changing my dress.”

7. Itis abusiye—to the mind that conceives

Sexsinte,—Whioever is the author of the

ast deal of truth; A honseful of « Practical Hatter, | ’e 28¥% “composes as powerful 7 i motiy g| the secret of many a struggle and triumph in | the world’s batde may be found throned in ite mother’s Inp.at home, or done up in a bun dle of white flannel, ow, has been found ina basket of bulre

Iren are afraid of, and be auro that he who rates them is not himself worth loving:

mo ong says:—He that hay lost "Me in, in the world’s eye, so complete: | Work,

isibleé and un | knitting stockings for her husband.” Noble and renown, his features will

re-araithe thelr once-known aspect, and men'| will find out that they are his dearest friends.

makes contradiction an aa- sont, an enraged eyo makes beauty deformed

2" Tho wornt form of ingratitude i# 0] st ainments.

Proportidn your charity to other'w noe

promised | ‘The investigation goes to show that her death was qaused by inflammation of the bowels, or, as it is medically called, puerperal peritonis—that she was not preg: nant, and that the doctors who attended her, mistaking her symptoms, formed an erroneous diagnosis, which was strengthen- ed by the admission of the unfortunate girl that there had been an improper intimacy with Littlefield. ‘he operation which was porformed upon Miss Butler just previous to her death, only aggravated her sufferings needlessly, and Ler dying words were, Gal cannot believe I atn in the family way, al- though the doctors say so—there Lins been no chance.”

Littlefield, also, before he fled, persistent- ly stated that his intimacy with Miss Butler could not have produced this result. - ‘The jost mortem eximination developed the {that the case lias been mistaken, but rather than acknowledge a blunder which, under the peculiar circumstances, and with the symptoms which manifested them was miterial, the attending phys thinking to save their own Teputation, pre- cated, and told the family of the de-

family, then it is her business to know how to wash, aud cook, and sew. 1s a captain qualified to guide « ship, if he is ignorant

waits to do of navigation ? Is a man prepared te man-

th nis 0!

Iiis not leartied the merchant's business ?— ed | Would a college faculty welcome a man to |the professorship of Grovk, who had never How are | ater q \ studied it? Then what shall we say of a

full of dirt ,* F ; me, 'Lhug female who oveupies the place of mistress

work thereof should be done? We say itis a dislionor to her. She is less. a lady for

, tnd never

Madame Rowland could prepare her husband's meals with hér own hands, and at night delight the most literary company of France with her brilliant powers. Mrs, Washington, the mother of the General, al- ways attended to’ her domestic affairs, even | I in the presence of the tmost dis nguished guésts, Lafayette puid ‘her a visit before this departnre for Murope, in the fall of 1774. Ile was’ conducted'to her mansion by one of her grandsons. ‘Lhere, sir, is my grandmother,” said he as they approach fear cither ‘ed the house. Lafayette looked up and | ve y saw, at work ir the garden, clad in domes. | cer ed that they had found things as they tleman, ac! tig-made clothes, and her gray head cover expected |” ‘The case, in all its aspects, is

man well! a with a plain straw lat, the mother of| probably without a parallel in’ the records his hero, She gave: Lafayettor a cordial of medical science. : woleome, observing —" Ah, Marquis! you The jury have not yet returned their ver see an old womnan—but come, [ can make dict, but there is little doubt. that it will be, that death wae caused by inflammation of the bowels.

a word here


mean for a

0 delicacy, 7 1 v8. {you welcome to my poor dwelling, without Ms. Martha Washington, the wile of the Gene- ral, was no less distinguished for her man- agement of houschold affnirs, She was a “ood seanistress, a good cook, and a good She understood every depart.

ar Although Canada cannot called A wool-growing country, yet the aggregate yield of wool must be considerable, uspecial- ly in some districts 5 and the season is: at

fi f vhen it is 8 7 0 y om ment of domestic labor, and was ever ready en me Se Meats. ne vel ati cr ‘ol sove i 7

to do what circumstances required, Mrs.) °° faqehteWenvebeltevoste:Letoeat Troupe, the accomplished wife of n captain Fe het Md WY it » vt. cate fathe aha Hct in the British navy, once visited ber, and is’ tho conrsest, and that ofthe’ common , i sheep of the country the most plentiful.— she gave the following account of Mra), : Washington's appearance’ he fine kinds of wool are not, we under- “Well, L will honestly tell you I never stand, produced to any considerable extent . Pk uly he was so ashamed in all my life. You see]! Canada, thongh this isa topic upon word’ (oa | Madame mada Chink which we wish to obtain information from: i y \) f ul a inte: i H ildren,” | golf, thought wwe would visit: Lndy Wash. | ny one acquaint d with tho quantity and A group Of jnoton: and as she was said to be 80 grand quality of wool produced in his country or hand; and |78°0ns . ve cs '{district, Wool may be sent to market a lady, wo thought we must put on cur) , : best. bibs nnd banda, So we «dressed: our- either washed or unwashed; in the former selves in our most clogant ruffles and silks, caso it should be thoroughly cleaned of

* . | ¥ or foreig’ re Fae, before nnd were introduced to her Indyship, And, | duel greases tame mi at

new. [don’t you think, we found her knidling.and |i oe barf Thc AUR NANCE Oo OD ey that’ chil=| anf pow cee twobty per cent is made for the shrinking

hat chil-| with a check apron on{ She recvived we} ‘i i ; vory graciously and easily, but atten, com: | 2 weight that tale ese in washing. pliments were over, she Poaumed Lor knite| Wooler tho akarnge quulity, prodneed in Thora, we br ro, without a stiteh’ of Lower Canada, ling been worth 874 cents

ere ore, out i

and pies Pe etntas bat: General | Boston at 6 HRC As our pu hich cher- | Washington's Indy with her own lands wis fauturera have bought Mi PUTO on “tlyoad \ 7 terms, they could obviously afford to give tho’ sume price here if no fall taken places As, however, they have to pay cash here,

ters it, and

the respect

divine law, Him who

to the upper | example for a woman of high position to

net ! uch circumstances, her checked bn | r fn, phot , Tuna {hone the and-as they are afriid of a fall on account n on Waa more ornane U ¢ 1) '

aay peethverny ;